Treated CNG Gas

Enviro Gas offers quality compressed natural gas to fulfill customers’ requirements such as shipbuilding and metal fabrication. Compressed gases are filled in individual cylinder ranging from 50 liters, 66 liters and 100 liters. They’re supplied in pallet ranging from 4 cylinders to 12 cylinders per pallet. Depending on user’s usage and requirement.

Physical Properties

Costs significantly less than acetylene

Envirogas™ can save you least 30% from you total cost compared to acetylene.

Benefits to Customers

(Shipyards & Fabricators)

1. Cost Savings

2. Improved working environment for the workers–Safer and more Stable fuel

3. Better finish—reduce post-cutting grinding works

Benefits to Environment

(Mainly disadvantages associated with the usage of Acetylene)

1. Acetone disposal

2. Slurry Water disposal

3. Carbon emission reduction (natural gas carbon emission is only half of acetylene!).